Group Lectures

One of Debate's strongest and most consistent resources is group lectures! Once a week, a mentor leads a lecture on a topic of their choice and any gender minority can join and listen. It's not just restricted to people who are apart of the organization, any gender minority can come and be apart of the lectures! But, we also know that people can't always come and listen to the lectures so we try and record as many as possible in order to allow anyone to have access if they want to. Below is a link to two things 1] the Debate Google Calendar which has all scheduled lectures for this year listed and 2] a google drive folder with recorded lectures from this year and last. 

Card Files Debate has started releasing monthly card files! Once a month we will release a compilation of cards cut by our mentors on a select topic. Topics can range from feminism to policy impacts to even queer theory! Each card or set of cards will also come with an explanation so that readers can get a thorough understanding of each argument! The dropbox below has every published card file!

Recommended Reading Debate also has a dropbox of articles and readings that we believe are super interesting and educational! The dropbox includes a variety of kritical and philosophical books that are very informative. Additionally, after the BLM protests in the middle of June, Debate wanted to provide a resource dedicated to scholarship on the struggles of black womxn. That folder is in the dropbox below and includes a lot of necessary reads on the black womxn debate experience.