Q: How does the program work? 

After prospective mentees fill out our Google Application Form, Debate will match them with mentors in their region that have similar debating styles and interests. All of our mentors have had a track record of success in debate, and they were chosen because of their outstanding character and commitment to helping others. Mentees will then receive an email with their assigned mentor and their contact information when the matching process is complete. From there, mentees will be able to schedule video-chat sessions with their mentors to work on any debate skill of their choosing.

Q: How much does it cost?


Q: Can I join the program if I am not a woman?

Our program is open to any debater who is not a man. This includes people who are nonbinary, trans, or gender fluid.

Q: I participate in Policy/Public Forum/other types of debate that are not LD, can I join the program?

Yes! Although we are a primarily LD program, we have both Public Forum and Policy mentors!

Q: How do I communicate with my mentor?

When you receive your mentor assignment, you will also receive your mentor’s email. If you and your mentor decide that you would like to communicate over another medium (text, Facebook Messenger, etc.) you are free to do so.

Q: Can I work with other mentors that I am not assigned?

Yes! You are free to work with any mentor of your choosing. We will also be hosting group calls for lectures and drill sessions hosted by certain mentors that you can sign up for. 

Q: Are mentees required to do debate work with their mentors?

No. You can work with your mentor on whatever you wish. 

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